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CFO Huisregels

Dear CFO members,


Within CrossFit Oostende, we place great importance on clarity and structure, so that we, as a CrossFit Affiliate, can give our best. 

Community and respect are highly valued by us. Therefore, we ask you to thoroughly read and adhere to our house rules.

Be on time: make sure you arrive early enough. This allows time for changing, using the restroom, and stretching before the start of the class. Being late = sporting penalty from the coach!
Be hygienic/clean: disinfect your equipment/machine with the provided disinfection sprays and wipes. Nobody enjoys coming into contact with someone else’s sweat. Request the vacuum cleaner if you spill chalk on the mats.
Respect the equipment: be careful when moving equipment, don’t drop dumbbells/kettlebells, as well as barbells with plates of 5kg or less.

Order and cleanliness:

  • Do not step on the black mats with wet/dirty shoes.
  • Do not bring sports bags into the workout area – leave them in the locker room/designated locker.
  • Return all your equipment to where you got it from.
  • Sort your waste as indicated in the designated bins.
  • Do not leave water bottles open in the workout area.
  • Safety: Despite being child-friendly, we want to avoid accidents. Therefore, children are not allowed in the workout area during class.
  • Showers: These are available for use, provided you follow the rules regarding shower usage!


Be friendly to every CFO member and welcome new members with open arms!

Bring friends to workout together, but have them sign up as trial members. This allows coaches to inquire about the trial member’s fitness goals afterward.

Leave your ego at home!
Listen to your body and know your limits. In CFO, there’s no room for ego lifters or rep chavers.

Do not compare yourself to others and focus on your own goals.

In CFO, we are a team: We start the workout of the day (WOD) as a team and finish it as a team. That means you don’t start cleaning up until the last person finishes the WOD. Support each other until the last second!

Respect the coach: The coach always does their best to deliver a fun, sporty class. During the explanation of the workout/movements, no chatting is allowed among members. This leads to wasted time and can create unsafe situations if it occurs. There’s no room for chatting at the whiteboard!

Track your progress: In the SportBit app, you can track your progress in weightlifting, gymnastics, benchmarks, etc.

Be involved: Community events are regularly organized, whether sports-related or not.

Be present and enjoy the positive vibes of our community!

We hope everyone can agree to these rules and contribute to the positive and professional functioning of and within CFO!


Best regards,

CrossFit Oostend


We change peoples lives! Ons doel is om mensen fitter, gezonder en gelukkiger te maken. Dit doen we door sport aan te bieden in een community die direct voelt als thuiskomen. De verhalen en resultaten die mensen bereiken, daar doen we het voor! Kom langs, en wees welkom!


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